CRC Coatings manufactures a patented product Eco-Loc 555 that is superior in binding road and shoulder aggregates. The binding process produces a stable waterproof, salt resistant, non-leaching, wear resistant maintainable surface. Road and shoulder stabilization reduces aggregate losses, water infiltration and maintenance costs by producing a freeze thaw resistant surface. The Eco-Loc 555 product is environmentally benign and has passed the LC-50 test with a “0” mortality rate.

CRC can supply products which are easy to store, handle and apply.

Onsite technical support available on request.

CRC's Eco-Loc 555 provides a flexible, waterproof non-leaching surface for short and long-term dust control applications.


• Environmentally benign
• Excellent binding strength
• Not water-soluble once cured
• Non-toxic (VOC free)
• Non-leaching
• Salt Resistant
• Non-Skid Surface