CRC Coatings is an industry leader in the development and commercialization of engineered, environmentally sustainable, surface coating solutions for Dust and Soil Stabilization. CRC Coatings produces advanced, customized formulations to solve specific industrial and commercial surface protection challenges. The CRC Coatings management has combined 60 years plus experience in the coatings and emulsion application and manufacturing industry.

CRC Coatings Objectives:

Deliver cost effective products with onsite support.  Supply products which are easy to store, handle and apply.  Control surface dust and support soil stabilization by delivering an environmental, waterproof, flexible, non- leaching surface solution for the least cost.  CRC Coatings can supply pitch, polymer and blended products to customize applications depending on need. Its pitch based products can provide a flexible water proof, non-leaching surface for short and long term dust control. Its polymer based product provides an alternative product which is less expensive, is applied less often and delivers superior performance while providing a non-tacky, durable, water proof surface with an ease of clean up.

• environmentally benign
• Excellent binding strength
• Not water-soluble once cured
• Non-toxic
• Non-leaching