CRC Coatings manufacture protective coatings specifically for long-term asset protection for owners. They are based on environmentally benign, reliable and durable high-quality materials that meet and exceed Global Standards.

Waterproofing Markets

We focus on many commercial and industrial markets and our technologies are serviced by a global network of specialty distributors. They provide access to local inventories and technical support services. The are supported by specialty trained local applicators for new construction and rehabilitation projects.

Building industry – commercial & residential, between slab, basement wall, tanking, foundation, roofing, planter boxes, internal wet areas, balconies, terraces

Civil work – tunnels, bridges, dams and reservoirs, pond liners.

Industrial – acid pits, wash bays and secondary liners Agriculture – rural dams, irrigation channels, viaducts and levees Sewage – pipe re-lining, water treatment plants

Protective – shipping containers & other aggressive situations, anti-corrosion, underside and other areas of vehicles to control noise and vibration

Roofing – new and retrofit construction

Mining underground – rock seam stabilization, controlling seepage and gas emissions in shafts

Road Stabilization & Dust Control

CRC has an advanced polymer technology that assists in dust control, road stabilization and other surfacing issues that impact the safety of roads everywhere. Using our patented liquid polymers, we deliver effective dust control solutions for the mining, commercial, industrial, agricultural, quarries, erosion control, runways, etc.

  • Critical Path Contruction Savings
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs