Asphalt Revitalizer 55

CRC Coatings also manufactures a product Asphalt Revitalizer 55 which is a waterborne emulsion for revitalizing asphalt. It can be used for revitalizing or rejuvenating asphalt in parking lots, driveways and asphalted surfaces in parks.

CRC can supply products which are easy to store, handle and apply.

Onsite technical support available on request.

CRC’s Asphalt Revitalizer 55 provides a flexible, waterproof non-leaching surface for long-term asphalt revitalization.


  • Safe alternative to hot-applied bitumen or solvent-based products
  • Non-water soluble, non-leaching
  • Excellent stabilization
  • Non-skid surface
  • Ease of application
  • Long Wearing
  • Flexible & seamless, resistant to cracking & aging
  • Freeze/Thaw Resistant
  • Environmentally benign
  • Salt resistant
  • VOC free