HVLP 2000 Dual Component Sprayer

High volume low pressure 2000 dual component spray unit. Designed and introduced in 1997 to properly dispense the revolutionary product “liquid rubber” worldwide. The unit was designed to deliver two liquids simultaneously at low pressures to a dual dispensing spray gun which instantly sets the product at any thickness safely.


  • 6.5 Honda engine (gas/diesel/electric) power.
  • Maximum flow 6.8 gpm.
  • Maximum pressure 435 psi.
  • Maximum speed 550 rpm.
  • Maximum fluid temperature 140 f.
  • Supports two sprayers dispensing at 200 ft of hose line each.
  • Portable weight 185 pounds.
  • Ease of application and clean up.
  • Dual semi hydraulic diaphragm pumps.
  • Training & maintenance manuals.